For nearly 20 years, GTS has lent its expertise to the needs of its customers to process each file in a unique way.

Support beyond borders

GTS offers a wide range of international transport solutions (land, sea and air) via a network of qualified agents.

Authorized Customs Broker

Global Transit & Services marks its presence in all transit processing locations: Port Autonome de Dakar, Blaise Diagne International Airport. GTS deals with all regimes: export, release for consumption (TTC-EXO), temporary admissions, warehouse regimes. Working in close collaboration with all the processing poles (Customs, ORBUS, Banks, Insurance, etc…), GTS studies each file in detail to facilitate the processing process and optimize costs.

Technical support Our employees are responsible for:
  • Initialization of pre-clearance documents (DPI, AC, AI etc ...)
  • Establishment of the customs clearance documents (all plans)
  • Bonded storage: with our own fictitious warehouse
  • Processing as well as monitoring of economic regimes
  • The operation of a warehouse and customs clearance area (MAD) with a service dedicated to unbundling
  • Handling: exceptional transport and handling of heavy packages with a specialized partner